A Transgender teen Riley Middlemore is freezing his eggs – so he can be a biological dad once he becomes a man.
Riley, 16 born a girl called Rebecca, said he wants a sex change to his mum last year.

Riley, who has shaved off his long brunette locks and started binding his 34C chest, is awaiting full gender reassignment on the NHS – a mastectomy, hysterectomy and having a penis constructed once he’s 18.

    Riley said: “I want to get married one day. I’ve always wanted a family and I love children. My partner would be the surrogate and carry my eggs. That way I can have children that are biologically mine with my partner.”

    Riley recalled: “I wore my brothers’ clothes. It became more difficult when I started puberty aged 12.
    “I developed breasts, had periods and hated the way I looked. I was trapped in the wrong body but kept it to myself.”

Last December Riley, came out as gay but later revealed the full truth to mum Carrie.

    Riley said: “Mum was coming round to have tea with my then girlfriend.
    “I was worried my partner might refer to me as ‘Riley’ or ‘he’. I said to Mum, ‘I need to tell you something.’ She said, ‘You want to be a boy?’ She had guessed, and just hugged me.”

Carrie, 36 – who split from Riley’s dad when he was a baby – did struggle to accept that her once only daughter was becoming a boy.

    “When he told me he wanted to have a full sex change I was worried, ­because it is such a major operation. But I just want him to be happy.”

Carrie went with Riley to the GP who referred him for counselling, adding he must live as a boy for a year before he can be referred to a gender identity clinic.

    Riley said: “My brothers have all been very accepting. People have called me names, but they are just ignorant.”

Once referred to a gender identity clinic he will have more counselling and assessments by doctors before receiving hormone injections or patches to deepen his voice and give him facial hair.
He hopes to have a full £10k sex change on the NHS when he turns 18.