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Doctor Turns Himself In To Police After Allegedly Ejaculating On Female Patient

A Mount Sinai doctor is now facing three count charge of sexual abuse and sex assault after a female patient accused him of ejaculating in her face.

The incident occurred on January 11 when the unidentified woman went to the Mount Sinai Hospital emergency room complaining of pain in her shoulder.

The woman told police she was taken to a private room inside the ER where a nurse gave her two pain pills and a cortisone injection for inflammation.

When the patient complained of more pain, the nurse administered a Morphine injection.

The woman was then told to change into a gown for X-rays of her shoulder. After the X-ray, Dr. Newman walked into the room and said,

    “I’m going to give you a shot of morphine.”

The woman said she told Newman that a nurse had already given her an injection of Morphine.

She said she felt a burning sensation, indicating that the doctor had injected the narcotic into an IV in her arm.

After she told Newman she felt pain on the right side of her chest, the doctor allegedly began fondling her breasts.

She told police Newman rolled her bed away from the wall and positioned himself with his back to her.

The woman claimed she was so heavily sedated that she couldn’t move.
She told police she heard distinct fapping sounds and then she felt semen on her face.

The doctor allegedly used a blanket to clean her face.
When the effects of the sedation wore off, the woman said she went into the bathroom and cleaned the semen off her gown.

She collected the gown and soiled bedding in a plastic bag as evidence.

Manhattan prosecutors are awaiting DNA tests before deciding whether to charge Dr. Newman.