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Islamic state media outlet confirms “Jihadi John” is dead

An Islamic State media associate on Tuesday released an eulogy for Mohammed Emwazi also known as “Jihadi John,”(famous for the execution of hostages).

Emwazi was described in Islamic State’s Dabiq magazine by his nickname “Abu Muharib al-Muhajir.”

    “On Thursday, the 29th of Muharram, 1437 (Nov. 12, 2015), Ab Muhrib finally achieved shahdah (martyrdom) for the cause of Allah, which he had sought for so long, as the car he was in was targeted in a strike by an unmanned drone in the city of Raqqah, destroying the car and killing him instantly,” Dabiq said.


ISIS fighter publicly executes his own mother

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, an ISIS fighter publicly executed his mother in Raqqa, Syria, because she encouraged him to leave the group.

The woman said to be in her 40s, obviously worried for her son’s safety warned him to leave because she feared that the US-backed coalition was going to wipe out the terror group.

Citing local sources, the Observatory said the 20-year-old man executed his mother on Wednesday near the post office building where she worked in front of hundreds of people in Raqqa, a main base of operations for the group in Syria.

Nigerian Grandad of ISIS ‘Jihadi Junior’ begs daughter to bring him home from Syria

59 year old Sunday Dare, the grandfather of a boy soldier (‘Jihadi Junior’) who appears in a new ISIS execution video has begged his notorious British jihadi daughter to bring him home.

22 year old Grace , of Christian and Nigerian descent left her London home in 2012 to enter into an arranged marriage and live in Syria with her husband.

Mr Dare told Channel 4 News he had reported her to the police on three occasions before she left for Syria, telling them:

    “She’s behaving in a very funny way”. “They told me she’s free,” he added. “They said she’s above 18.”

Sunday Dare, 59, is begging Grace, known as ‘Khadijah’, to bring the boy home.

Mr Dare told the Sun:

    “Grace, Grace, come home with my grandchildren. “Come home, we love you, come and face the music. You caused it yourself, you’ve got to face the music.”

She achieved celebrity status in Islamic State after vowing to become the first female Islamic State fanatic to behead a British or US hostage.

In a video unearthed by The Mirror in 2014, burka-clad Dare fired an AK-47 rifle and pleaded with fellow Brits to fight by her side in Syria.

A security source said at the time:

    “The threat Dare poses is immense. “Her notoriety has evolved so rapidly that she has achieved a celebrity like status among jihadists fighting in Syria and those who are thinking of travelling abroad to join IS.”

    “The threat from homegrown would-be terrorists such as her is very great. Dare has now become a top priority.”

‘They forced us to pray before raping us, to them we were animals’ ISIS rape survivor reveals

21 year old Nadia Murad Basee Taha, from the Northern Iraqi town of Sinjar is an ISIS rape survivor who was captured in her home and sold as a sex slave to ISIS militants who considered her as an infidel.

Speaking at Cairo University in Egypt, she told students:

    “When Daesh entered my village, they killed children, the old and young men. The next day, they killed the old women and led the young girls, including me, to Mosul.

    In Mosul, I saw thousands of Yazidi women where they were distributed to their slave masters. There I saw a huge Daeshi, who wanted to take me. I implored to another man to take me instead when I saw he was smaller. But he turned out later to be one of the worst people I’ve ever seen.

    The Daesh used to force me and other captives to pray and then rape us.

    We were not worth the value of animals.

    “They raped girls in groups. They did what a mind could not imagine. In their so-called Sharia [Islamic law] courts, they had our names and phone numbers of our slave masters.

    They would call us whenever they wanted to spend time with us and sell us.”

Nadia escaped from her “owner” and has now made it her point of duty to inform the world especially young girls and youths about the growing threat ISIS poses to the girl child and World Peace.

    “I am the victim of terrorism disguised under the cloak of Islam. All these crimes are committed in the name of Islam. I’ve come to the Muslim world to complain and demand an Arab and Islamic stance against Daesh. No religion accepts enslaving women and raping children. We have the right to demand a united global stance because we share others values of humanity.”

ISIS releases 15 rules handbook detailing how captured sex slaves should be treated

ISIS issued a “fatwa” back in January according to documents seized by the Anti-ISIS US Special Operations Forces which have just been released.

The document entails rules on how ISIS members are to treat women captured as sex slaves.

The terrorist organization captures women who they give out to their fighters as rewards and incentives, the women are raped repeatedly, sometimes by more than one person.

Read after the cut…

    “One of the graces which Allah has bestowed up the State of Caliphate is the conquest of large surface areas of the country and one of the inevitable consequences of jihad is that women and children of infidels will become captives of Muslims.

    “Consequently, it is necessary to clarify some rules pertaining to captured prisoners to avoid any violations in dealing with them.”

    1.1.It is not permissible for the owner of a
    female captive to have intercourse with her until after she has had menstrual cycle and becomes clean.

    2.2.If she does not menstruate and is pregnant, he is not allowed to have intercourse with her until after she has given birth.

    3.3.It is not permissible to cause her to abort if she is pregnant.

    4.4.If the owner of a female captive releases her, only he can have intercourse with her and he cannot allow someone else to have intercourse with her.

    5.5.If the owner of a female captive, who has a daughter suitable for intercourse, has sexual relations with the latter, he is not permitted to have intercourse with her mother and she is permanently off limits to him. Should he have intercourse with her mother then he is not permitted to have intercourse with her daughter and she is to be off-limits to him.

    6.6.The owner of two sisters is not allowed to have intercourse with both of them; rather he may only have intercourse with just one. The other sister is to be had by him, if he were to relinquish ownership of the first sister by selling her, giving her away or releasing her.

    7.7.If the female captive is owned by a father, his son cannot have intercourse with her and vice-versa. Moreover, intercourse with his wife’s female captive is also not permissible.

    8.8.If a father had intercourse with his female captive then gave her away or sold her to his son, he is no longer permitted to have intercourse with her.

    9.9.If the female captive becomes pregnant by her owner, he cannot sell her and she is released after his death.

    10.10.If the owner releases his female captive then he is not permitted to have intercourse with her afterwards because she has become free and is no longer his property.

    11.11.If two or more individuals are involved in purchasing a female captive, none of them are permitted to have sex with her because she is part of a joint ownership.

    12.12.It is not permissible to have intercourse with a female captive during her menstrual cycle.

    13.13.It is not permissible to have anal sex with a female captive.

    14.14.The owner of a female captive should show compassion towards her, be kind to her, not humiliate her and not assign her work she is unable to perform.

    15.15.The owner of a female captive should not sell her to an individual whom he knows will treat her badly or do unto her what Allah has forbidden.

Islamic State suffers double blow as Ramadi falls

U.S led forces have killed 10 Islamic State leaders in air strikes, including individuals linked to the Paris attacks, a U.S. spokesman said, dealing a double blow to the militant group after Iraqi forces ousted it from the city of Ramadi.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi planted the national flag in Ramadi after the army retook the city center from Islamic State, a victory that could help vindicate his strategy for rebuilding the military after stunning defeats.

    “Over the past month, we’ve killed 10 ISIL leadership figures with targeted air strikes, including several external attack planners, some of whom are linked to the Paris attacks,” said U.S. Army Colonel Steve Warren, a spokesman for the U.S.-led campaign against the Islamist group also known by the acronym ISIL. “Others had designs on further attacking the West.”

One of those killed was Abdul Qader Hakim, who facilitated the militants’ external operations and had links to the Paris attack network, Warren said.

He was killed in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul on Dec. 26.

Two days earlier, a coalition air strike in Syria killed Charaffe al Mouadan, a Syria-based Islamic State member with a direct link to Abdelhamid Abaaoud, the suspected ringleader of the coordinated bombings and shootings in Paris on Nov. 13 which killed 130 people, Warren said.

Air strikes on Islamic State’s leadership helped explain recent battlefield successes against the group, which also lost control of a dam on a strategic supply route near its de facto capital of Raqqa in Syria on Saturday.

    “Part of those successes is attributable to the fact that the organization is losing its leadership,” Warren said. He warned, however: “It’s still got fangs.”

Afghan militia beheads Islamic State fighters

Afghan Militia loyal to an influential Afghan lawmaker has beheaded four Islamic State fighters and publicly displayed their severed heads, officials said Sunday.

The force loyal to Haji Zahir, deputy speaker of parliament, has been battling self-styled IS militants in Achin district in the province for weeks.

Zahir said the group captured and beheaded four of his fighters, prompting his men to retaliate.

    “If they behead you, behead your son, do you expect us to cook sweets for them?” he said. “Sweets are not distributed during war. People die.”

Zahir’s men placed the severed heads of four militants atop stacks of stones on the side of a main road in Achin, district officials said.

    “If they were criminals then they should have been punished by the judiciary, not by a kangaroo court,”district chief Haji Ghaleb said in comments cited by the local media. “This barbaric incident should not have happened.”

Nangarhar faces an emerging threat from loyalists of IS, which controls territory across Syria and Iraq and is making gradual inroads in Afghanistan, challenging the Taliban on their own turf.

The jihadists have managed to attract disaffected Taliban fighters increasingly lured by the group’s signature brutality that has made them notorious.