Prohibition Entertainment in Nyc is excited to announce a strategic marketing alliance with the new app Band & Me.

As part of the collaboration Prohibition vocalist TRAEDONYA! aka The Bride Of New Funk Hipopera is the inaugural ”Artist Ambassador” for the Band & Me app brand.

The marketing collaboration will involve exclusive content windows, marketing spots, contests and tactical data analysis.

For the foreseeable future all of TRAEDONYA’S! new media and content will premiere thru the Band & Me app for short windows of time.

To celebrate the launch of Band & Me TRAEDONYA’S! new single Brooklyn 2 Grenada ft. Ras Abda.

I am amped about being part of something from inception. I feel this app is a must have for all serious music fans around the world! says TRAEDONYA!.

See the link below to learn about the benefits of the Band & Me app.

Download the app to get her new single. – listen 2 Brooklyn 2 Grenada

Band & Me is a mobile app that lets fans share in the music journeys of their favorite
bands. With Band & Me fans can stop searching for news about the bands and artists they love because it’s all in a single location.

The most recent items appearing in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Youtube and other pertinent information about those artist you care about.

Members of the app get a direct connection and special access to bands and artists they
are passionate about.

The bands and artist can deliver personal messages, ones that can give something special…

Recognition, exclusivity and participation in exclusive events.

The Band & Me app is exclusive to the Itunes app store.

Download app here –

For Android family users won’t be left out TRAEDONYA! has joined the Noise Trade is a platform where music is the whole point!

TRAEDONYA! has released a 3 song sampler
including her brand new single Brooklyn 2 Graneda to introduce herself to that community of 1.3 million music lovers.

Android users join Noise Trade to get the new single.

See the link below.

The new song will only be distributed from these 2 platforms only.

To learn more about TRAEDONYA! go to her social links below.


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