Kim Kardashian makes a first time appearance since baby Saint was born

Kim Kardashian made an appearance during a four-minute livestream on her app and website this early morning.

She said:

    “My boobs look enormous, which they are,” she cracked, acknowledging what she knew everybody would be thinking.
    “I have just been chilling at home with the baby and being cozy in robes…I decided to put makeup on,” she said.

She later took to twitter to answer questions from fans, telling those who wondered what else she’s been up to in the 10 days since welcoming her second child with Kanye West,

    “I have been loving life, just staying home and not going anywhere.”

While at home, Kim said she’s been listening to Kanye’s upcoming new album—it’s “crazy” good—and not worrying about her hair. She says that she’s going to keep it in braids for the next couple of months while it grows out, no products and no fussing with it. She added:

    “I am so excited, I’m going to show you guys my weight-loss journey on here,” she revealed, noting that she’ll be livestreaming her workouts.


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