79-year-old Ali Arezoumandifar, a liquor store who was the previous owner of the store had stayed on after its sale to help the new owners get started.

During his last shift on Sunday, family members gathered to prepare a celebratory dinner which he never showed up.

A customer found the man dead of a single gunshot wound behind the store’s counter around 8 p.m.

A surveillance camera failed to capture the crime, but police say Arezoumandifar was shot while behind the counter.

The cash register was found empty.

    “It’s very sad,” says a woman who works nearby, adding Arezoumandifar spoke little English but would kiss her hand to say hello.

    “I’m begging of anybody who knows anything to come forward,” Arezoumandifar’s daughter tells WPBF. “He didn’t deserve the way he died.”