Al Qaedalate on Saturday claimed responsibility for attacks on two publishers in Bangladesh who put out works critical of fundamentalist Islam.

The clam was made in statements posted on Twitter on Saturday. One of them said the two men were “worse than the writers of such books, as they helped propagate these books and paid the blasphemers handsome amounts of money for writing them.” A second statement, titled “Who’s Next,” describes categories of people as “our next targets.” The list includes writers, poets, intellectuals, newspaper or magazine editors, reporters and actors.

Around 3 p.m. on Saturday, a group of men entered the Shuddhashar publishing house, saying they wanted to buy books, said Biplob Kumar Sarker, the deputy police commissioner in Dhaka.
They then held two men at gunpoint while other assailants attacked the publisher, Mr. Tutul, and two men who were in his office, Mr. Sarker said. The assailants locked the doors from the outside when they left the premises, and the police said that after breaking the locks, they had found all three men on the floor with severe stab wounds.
One of the other victims was Sudip Kumar Barman, who blogs under the name Ranadipam Basu and has published commentaries on the website curated by Avijit Roy before his death.

About the same time, three men entered the offices of Jagriti Publications, where they found Mr. Dipan, 43, alone and stabbed him, leaving him with fatal neck wounds, said a spokesman at the Shahbag police station. He was pronounced dead at Dhaka Medical College Hospital.

This came eight months after a similar attack on Avijit Roy, a Bangladeshi-American known for his critical writings on religious extremism.

One of the publishers, Faisal Arefin Dipan, died of his wounds immediately, the police said. The other, Ahmed Rahim Tutul, was in critical condition late Saturday.

Mr. Tutul had received death threats on his cellphone over books that he had published, Mizanur Rahman, the director of publicity for the Academic and Creative Publishers Association.

Officials have dismissed social media claims, such as the ones made on Saturday, as inauthentic.

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