Dynamo Kiev stadium manager proposes ‘black sector’ for black fans

Volodimir Spilchenko, the director of Dynamo Kiev’s home ground, is proposing to have black fans segregated from other supporters in other to prevent racism.

    ‘We are trying, maybe, to make a special sector (for black fans),’ Spilchenko said, ‘In order to avoid the manifestation of racism.’

The idea was suggested by a journalist, but Spilchenko labelled it a ‘good idea’.

This came after about four black men were reportedly attacked and racially abused last week during a home game against Chelsea in the champions league.

But after the incident against Chelsea, Ukraine Football Federation vice-president Ohor Kochetov denied that there was a problem with racism at the Olimpiyskiy Stadium and questioned the motives of the black men who were in that particular section of the stadium.
Kochetov told the Ukrainian news portal Vesti:

    ‘[The presence of the black fans] in the sector that is always occupied by the “Rodychi” ultras is highly surprising to everyone.
    ‘People of that category (black people) have never been there. Initial information indicates that these people were without tickets and were holding flares.
    ‘Maybe this was a specially planned provocation. These are all questions that require answers’

UEFA is to decide on what disciplinary sanctions to take against Dynamo on Tuesday after the footage was released.

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