Forty-Two Pensioners Killed In France Auto-Crash

At least 42 pensioners have been killed in France, after their bus collided with a truck while on an excursion.

The incident took place on Friday, October 23, near Puisseguin in the Gironde wine region, east of Bordeaux, not long after the bus set off from a nearby town.

While speaking on BFM television, Gilles Savary, lawmaker from the region said;

    “a bus company from the town of Libourne was leading the group on a tourist trip. The bus collided with a truck near the village of Puisseguin on Friday, and authorities say at least 40 people were killed.”

An official for the national gendarme service who pleaded to speak under anonymity, said the crash occurred near the town of Puisseguin, stressing that the death toll may have been so unusually high because the bus caught fire.

Authorities are yet to give clear details of how many people were on the bus and their nationalities.

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