The Nigerian army today allegedly shot dead a suspected female Boko Haram suicide bomber, after she attempted to forcefully enter into Maimalari army barracks in Maiduguri, Borno state with an explosive concealed in her handbag.

The woman was said to have made her way towards the entrance of the barracks when she was asked to stop by soldiers for a thorough search which she refused to obey & continued walking towards the barracks.
One of the soldiers opened fire and she was killed with the explosive on her detonating, killing only her.

An eyewitness and member of the states Civilian Vigilante group Babakura Kolo said

    “She continued walking with her handbag slung on her shoulder‎, despite repeated shouts from the soldiers asking her stop. One of the soldiers opened fire on the woman and the handbag exploded, blowing the woman to pieces.”.

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