According to reports, Khloe Kardashian is considering to call off her divorce with Lamar Odom.

An insider told the Hollywood Life that Khloe is wondering if she should give their marriage another try. But the alleged snitch says don’t read too much into it. Khloe’s fears of losing the love of her life probably made her rethink their future together.

    “Look, it’s crossed her mind. The man she loves with every fiber of her soul is fighting
    for his life. Yes, of course she’s thought about calling the divorce off for a second, but then her focus went right back to him.”

sources also say Lamar has several life insurance trusts, making both Khloe and his kids beneficiaries.
Making the heavy decisions and staying by his side has made Khloe Kardashian exhausted and drained, but she wants to be there for her estranged husband.

    “Khloe’s in this for the long haul. She’s not thought of moving from Lamar’s bedside. Khloe’s right where she needs to be – with Lamar – with her extended family. And at this point, she has no intention of leaving Lamar’s bedside.”

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