Volkswagen has been ordered to recall 2.4 million vehicles with diesel motors carrying software intended to manipulate emissions test results.

The order was made by Germany’s automobile regulator on Thursday and It is the first government-ordered recall anywhere since Volkswagen admitted the deception last month.

Germany’s transportation minister, Alexander Dobrindt, said that the mandatory recall would begin in 2016 and would be overseen by the regulator, the Federal Motor Transport Authority (K.B.A).

    “The K.B.A. believes that the software used in the diesel engines constitutes an illegal defeat device,” Mr. Dobrindt said. “The authority has demanded that Volkswagen remove the software and take all steps necessary to ensure that the emissions regulations are met.”

Volkswagen said that it had received a response from the transport authority early on Thursday, but that it needed time to review it before commenting on it.
The transport authority last week demanded that Volkswagen submit a proposal to remedy the problem. Although the company had offered fixes, the regulator instead ordered the recall.
In its proposal, Volkswagen had offered to update software on vehicles with 1.2- and 2-liter diesel engines starting next year to override the code that American environmental authorities discovered limited the amount of noxious gasses emitted during lab testing, but not during normal driving.

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