Katie Yore, an Irish girl wrote to Lucozade Sport after she discovered what had previously been an X shaped slit had been altered to more of a colander like lid when she bought a new bottle of Lucozade.

    She wrote: “Dear lucozade sport, Today I encountered a huge change in my life, it broke my heart.
    “My boyfriend tried to be funny and failed so I decided the best thing to do was spray him with my lucozade sport but when I went to, nothing.
    “On closer inspection to my horror, I realised that, the x shaped slit in a flexible plastic opening had been removed and instead in place of it, this shower head wannabe.
    “This has been the biggest disappointment of my year along with the fact freddos are readily approaching the outrageous price of 40c. Things need to change. Your appalled customer, Katie.”

Then Lucozade responds:

    “Hi Katie, thank you for taking the time to contact us about this issue and the recent heartbreak it has caused in your life.
    “At Lucozade Sport we’re constantly striving to improve our products for our customers and the new cap allows you to get just the right amount of liquid from the bottle and is easier to drink without having to pause. It is designed to work better during sport.
    “We don’t recommend soaking your boyfriend with any of our Lucozade Sport products as they are designed and intended for sports hydration…

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