Rapper claims he slept with Kylie Jenner and did cocaine with her

In an interview with In Touch magazine, Miami rapper Phillip Katsabanis, who’s stage name is Stitches claims he had sex with Kylie Jenner just weeks after her 18th birthday. Below is what he said;

    “I did cocaine with Kylie and then slept with her – while she was in a relationship with Tyga,” the rapper, who describes their encounter in a raunchy new diss track, tells In Touch. “And if Tyga has one problem with anything I gotta say about his girl, he can come see me whenever he wants. I’ll beat the s— out of him.”

Shortly after being introduced by his friend, rapper InkMonstarr, they met for a date and one thing led to another.

    “I had sex with her. We did it all,” Stitches, who says he has “proof” they had sex, tells In Touch.
    “[We did] some drugs. She called me ‘Daddy,'” says the rapper. “She didn’t bring up Tyga, not one time. She did not seem remorseful, not one bit.”

But when she later blocked his calls, Stitches took revenge. The rapper, recorded and posted the diss-track video called “Kyga She’s a Liar” with InkMonstarr on Sept. 10, in which he insults his enemy Tyga and spills the X-rated details about his sexual exploits with Kylie.

    “I thought it was a good idea to come at her ’cause, I’m not gonna lie — she ignored me after that day we had sex,” Stitches tells In Touch.

Stitches says Kylie’s boyfriend “already had his managers contact my managers and say that if we didn’t take the video down it was going to result in violence.” If Tyga comes after him, “it’s like a death wish,” Stitches warns.

    “I will stomp him the f— out.”

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