Drake Refuses To End Beef With Meek.

In a lengthy Instagram comment on Wednesday, August 13, Meek said he’ll ‘take the blame’ for their highly-publicized feud.
According to Hollywoodlife;

    ‘Drake has seen Meek’s rant, but had to read it about ten different times before it made any sense.
    Drake also understands why Meek’s rhymes are so pathetic – dude can’t write! But nevertheless, Drake’s iffy on this so-called apology. It was a nice attempt, but at the same time, Drake wants Meek to know that in no way is he better than him in any way,’.
    ‘It’s cool if Meek wants to bow down to Drake and end their little spat, but Drake would have appreciated it if he would have been a man about it and flat out said, ‘I’m sorry Drake’ or ‘I apologize to you Drake,’‘ the source adds.
    As you’ll recall, Drake and Meek engaged in a heated feud with each other, dissing each other in rap verses and fighting over Nicki Minaj and writing capabilities.

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