Mother of four, Hauwa Esther Kadima, 61, who was an accomplished professor of languages, and a published author, was bludgeoned to death at her home in Longview, Texas, on July 28th.
Her last child, 31 year old Daniel Kadima has been arrested in connection with her death.
Police was called to her home on July 28th and found her beaten to death – a bloody chair was lying next to her body. Police believe it was the murder weapon. She had fractures to her skull with laceration of the brain because of blunt impact to the head, according to autopsy findings. Daniel, who had called police to report a person lying dead in the apartment, was arrested the next day.
Daniel’s ex-wife later told police about the years she suffered abuse in his hands and also detailed his history of mental illness. Daniel is in police custody while they investigate the murder.
The motive for the killing is not yet known.